In the beginning was the word…

In the beginning, there was the blogged word, and the word was with the godless, and the word was godless. Welcome to the Harvard Secular Society blog!

We’re really excited about this project: we think this will be a fun way to disseminate information about club goings-on and to foster even more discussion about issues that are near and dear to our cold, unbelieving hearts.

Every Sunday, one of our regular writers will post an update on what we’ve been doing and thinking this week – especially for people whose schedules prevent them from coming to our Friday meetings, this is a place where we can continue those conversations. We’ll also be updating more sporadically during the week if there are other discussions we’d like to highlight, like “Look what those crazies in Alabama are doing!”, “Oh god, what awful thing did Dawkins say this time?”, or (most likely) “The New York Times ran a piece about atheism, and it made no sense.” To ensure that you get all of those posts, you should subscribe for email updates.

Always, the goal is to foster a lively debate and to give the community noms for thought, so please respond, comment, and share this with others. (Suggested reactions include but are not limited to “Brilliant!”, “What are you trying to say?”, and “I will pray for your souls.”) We also recommend that you check out our new Twitter account, and get on our email list if you’re a current Harvard undergrad.

With lots of humanist love from the whole board,


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